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Home2016-04-02 - Eugene to Cottage Grove

April 2, 2016 - 1st Saturday Ride

Destination: Cottage Grove

by Doug Tewksbury

2016-04-02 - Eugene to Cottage Grove Extended 1


Our starting point for the ride began at the European Motorcycles of Western Oregon BMW dealership. The friendly staff had coffee and pastries available.  The riders participating were Tim Cruse - a new member, Butch Farrand, Clarence Story and myself. The route consisted of Oak Patch Road, W 18th Ave., Bailey Hill Road, Gimpl Hill road and winding around through Erickson, Doane, Briggs, Spencer Creek, Fox Hollow and eventually going down to Creswell and Cottage Grove via Hwy 99. But it gets better as you can see from the map above.

Along the ride we saw wild turkeys, deer, cattle, horses and even a cat who tried to use up one of its nine lives. Then there were the turkeys who thought they could take over the Cottage Grove-Lorraine Highway by creating a road block with 8 of their bravest. Here is an interesting factoid: A group of wild turkeys is called a flock, whereas a group of domesticated turkeys is known as a rafter or gang. For most of the year, these flocks are comprise at least 30 turkeys. So it would seem to me that the remainder of the flock was on the sideline wondering what was going to happen next. Were the 8 brave turkeys going to be mowed down or were they going to cause these motorcycle riders to wish they had chosen a different road.  As it turned out, through the quick reflexes of the 1st and 2nd riders, there were no casualties. The turkeys scrambled to the side of the road to await their next chance and the riders continued on safely.
We arrived at Buster's Main Street Cafe for lunch. Since it was a small group we were all able to be a part of the conservations. After an excellent meal the four of us headed out on our return trip to Eugene via Cottage Grove-Loraine Hwy.  At the intersection of the highway with Territorial Road a fuel stop was in order as Butch and Tim decided to extend their ride. Their plan was to travel to Reedsport via Siuslaw River Road taking a left onto South Sister Road. Once in Reedsport they would part ways while Butch Returned home to Florence on Highway 101 and Tim would travel back to Eugene via Umpqua Highway.
I figure my initial route was about 105 miles in length but Butch and Tim traveled much further. It was a wonderful day with temperatures starting in the low 50's and ending in the low 70's and it was a great pleasure to share experiences and stories with one another.
Ride Often, Ride Safe - Doug Tewksbury